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It’s Halloween, and we all need to loosen up, eat some chocolate and laugh a little.

 Especially caregivers and their loved ones–holidays can really liven things up and connect us with others.

I thought this would be the perfect time to share a silly YouTube video I made of two of “pet stars” from my book, Mothering Mother. (You’ll have to cut and paste this link into your browser, it’s the only way I can get it to work). vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=18141857 – 57k –

I also have a video book trailer on Mothering Mother that has real photographs of my mother and my family–for those of you who have (or will) read the book and want to get a visual. 

You can view it here:


Fat Boy is my cat, and he is well, pudgy. He likes to eat and thinks that the dog’s self-feeder is a gift from the gods. Still, he likes the clink, clink in his bowl when I drop his food in so he meows so loud in the morning that it sounds like a bugler’s call to battle.

He used to be named, “Dunkin” after Dunkin’ Doughnuts (his sister was named Doughnut), but after she died (that terrible flea collar poisoning thing a few years back), and he kept eating for two, his name morphed. Fat Boy is mentioned in my book as the cat my mother loved to kick. She was jealous of any pet and any person I gave my affections to, and although it was aggravating, we all somehow learned to tolerate one another.

Rupert is the other pet star in my little video. He’s the son of Kismet, my Alaskan Malamute. She decided to have a trist int he front yard with the neighborhood bad-boy lab, and voila, we got Rupert.

Rupert was born exactly one year after my mom died. He was born in our living room (we bought a kiddie pool to birth the puppies in–ingenious idea, I think). We were expecting 8 or 10 pups–and knew we could only keep one. After Rupert was born, we waited. And waited. After about two hours, I called the vet. We made an emergency visit, took x-rays, and…there was only one puppy.

I told my husband it was a sign from God and we had to keep our one roly-poly puppy. He rolled his eyes (my husband) and we all fell in love with this rambunctious mut who is joy personified.

All of us experience ups and downs, birth and death. It felt so good to have a puppy born in my home. To see a new life come into the world after witnessing one leaving felt as if some sort of balance had been restored.

Now, here’s what happens in the video…Fat Boy loves to get petted, but when he does, he gets so excited he has to lick something. Rupert volunteered himself for the job. He holds perfectly still and almost has an organism (you get my drift) at being licked by the cat. Fat Boy will lick the dog’s entire face, ears, eyes, and inside his lips!

It’s so hilarious that I decided to set it to music. The song speaks for itself.

I think my mother would actually get a kick out of this. She had a great sense of humor and laughed alot. What a good thing to remember about a parent. I hope my kids say that about me. 

Happy Trick or Treatin’~

Carol O’Dell

Mothering Mother (and pet stars)

avaiable on Amazon.


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