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Bio of Carol D. O'Dell “I was adopted at age four to Southern, fundamentalist parents in their mid-fifties—what more could a writer want?” Carol D. O’Dell is an author, speaker and caregiving advocate. Her book, Mothering Mother is an Amazon bestseller in the categories of Alzheimer's, caregiving, Parkinson's, and elder care. She's the family advisor at Caring.com and has been featured on CNN, Fox, and other television affialiates around the country. Carol's world changed the day she was adopted. Taken from Daytona Beach to Atlanta and raised by adoring parents of a fiery faith, Carol was steeped in Bible stories and bedtime stories. She is drawn to the Southern, the reverent and irreverent found in art, nature, faith, and man. Carol D. O'Dell’s gripping memoir Mothering Mother: A Daughter’s Humorous and Heartbreaking Memoir, and is for the “sandwich” generation and overflows with humor, grace and much needed honesty. Her fiction and nonfiction work has appeared in numerous publications including Atlanta Magazine, Voices of Alzheimer’s, Southern Revival, MARGIN, Blue Moon Review, Water’s Edge, The Pisgah Review, and AIM, America’s Intercultural Magazine. Visit Carol at www.Caring.com/family advisor, www.Caring.com/candid caregiving www.IonLeap.com www.alzheimerscaregiving.com Carol's caregiving blog is www.wordpress.com/caroldodell Carol is a Jacksonville University graduate, creative writing teacher and inspirational speaker. Her stories and insights on caregiving, inspiration, adoption, spirituality, writing, and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's issues offer hope and purpose. To inquire about booking Carol for an upcoming conference, seminar, or corporate event, visit her website is www.caroldodell.com or email Carol at: writecarolodell@gmail.com, or call at 904-403-2186 Forthcoming books include: SAID CHILD, WHITE IRIS, WHEN STARS FALL, SOUL MATTERS and THE SAVVY CAREGIVER: Plans and Purpose That Give Life Meaning

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